The Website Deal Of A Lifetime

This is something you will never see other web development companies offer. For the first time in the history of Phunk, we are offering prospective clients a fully customisable website, starting from only 10,000 dirhams. Show your brand like the Fortune 500 companies but pay next to nothing. Truly a new year's deal to remember!

What Does That Mean For You
Through this unique offering
  • We make your entire web presence strategy
  • You get a stellar design custom made for you
  • You can forget about ever having to call your "web guy" to make small changes to your site
  • Add more pages with new content whenever you want
  • Move your content around on the page however you see fit
  • Add banners and ads through a few clicks
  • See your site traffic
  • Manage your site's admin users 
  • Create and update a simple blog 
  • Link your site to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to name a few
  • Integrate your YouTube videos 
  • Have a "sign up" area to record user information that you can use for sales and marketing purposes
Why are we doing this
  • Because we believe in making things easier for everyone trying to use the web
  • Because we dont want you to be dependent on anyone but yourself
  • And most importantly - because we understand that during this crunch time, you want quality worth a 100,000 dhs in only 10,000 dhs

So the question is....
What are you waiting for? This is not a bunch of static pages put together by your average designer. It's way more than that. We are talking about building a fully customisable website for you, after which you will be self reliant to manage your web needs by yourself.

Use this opportunity to become self reliant. Use it to portray yourself in the manner you always wanted to be portrayed; and start reaping the rewards of a majestic online presence

This offer is only valid till the 31st of Jan 2011. And we are just an email or a phone call away.

Don't think! Just call us or book your free consultation and we'el handle the rest.







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